Yury Ozerov

He was a former basketball player. He played for the Soviet national team from 1952-1959. During 1963-69 and 1977-1980, he worked as a coach for the USSR national team. In the 1972 Olympics, he was neither a player nor a coach. Different sources describe him as being a tourist or a coach’s representative. At that time, both meant the same thing— he was a supervisor from the KGB. Every Soviet sports team going abroad always had at least one KGB supervisor, which is a well-known fact. In V. Kvaskov's book "100 Years of Russian Basketball" the author states that Yury Ozerov worked for the KGB.

In this interview Gennady Vol'nov, a member of the Soviet Olympics basketball team, told that William Jones met Ozerov in Munich Olympics. Ozerov told Jones that he pays himself for the accommodation and Jones made Ozerov an Olympic tournament referee, so FIBA paid for all that. Of course, Ozerov didn't officiate any game.

Thus, Vol'nov confirms Ozerov's words that Jones was his friend. Also, Vol'nov's testimony corroborates Ozerov's story that he asked his friend Jones to intervene the final game.