Recent Updates

  1. September 01, 2012. Added Documents page.
  2. June 29, 2012. Added Herbert Mols report.
  3. October 17, 2011. Updated "Jury Of Appeal" article based on recently received documents.
  4. August 27, 2011. Rewrote Postface article, added references to several IOC documents.
  5. August 19, 2011. Posted 2 new documents: the Statement of the Jury Of Appeals and FIBA's version of events.
  6. July 18, 2011. Reviewed another episode of cheating by the Soviets when they substituted a free thrower.
  7. June 17, 2011. Added the "Controversy" video, that is a part of "The Story of the Game. The Official Story of Basketball" documentary.
  8. June 16, 2011. Added the reviewed Referee magazine article. Review of that article is here.
  9. March 13, 2011. Ultimate rebuttal of one of Alistair Ramsay's stories.
  10. February 28, 2011. Created a Russian version of this site.
  11. January 03, 2011. Added "Unknown William Jones" article, containing little-known facts about the founder of FIBA.
  12. January 02, 2011. Added "Jury Of Appeals" article, where I tried to reconstruct the Jury's discussion during that night.
  13. January 02, 2011. Added an evidence confirming that Yuri Ozerov was William Jones' friend.
  14. January 01, 2011. Reviewed an allegation that Alexander Belov was fouled during the Soviet second last attack.
  15. December 05, 2010. Added "FIBA Fairy Tales" article.
  16. December 04, 2010. Added "Story Of A Game" video review.
  17. November 27, 2010. Added Conclusion page containing a table with the list of claims and verdicts.
  18. November 18, 2010. Added a new evidence of the Soviet influence on the game. William Jones was asked to intervene by Soviet Yury Ozerov.
  19. November 17, 2010. Added a traveling violation analysis from Michael at the end of "Bedlam number 3".
  20. November 16, 2010. Added the game statistics here.
  21. November 13, 2010. Added the text of the American protest that was filed shortly after the game. Read it here.
  22. November 11, 2010. Added a review of the "Referee Magazine" article. Read it here.
  23. November 7, 2010. Reviewed several infractions allegedly committed by Soviet players during the final attack. See the end of "Bedlam number 3".