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This table contains the list of claims with verdicts and proof links.

Claim Verdict Link
Dwight Jones was intentionally provoked to a fight Not True Link
Jim Brewer was intentionally pushed before he got injured Not True Link
Americans committed foul(s) on Alexander Belov during the Soviet second last attack. Not True. Link
Alexander Belov committed a goaltending during American last attack. True Link
Soviets requested a time-out properly, but the officials mishandled the request True Link
Soviet assistant coach Bashkin should have been charged with a technical foul for leaving the designated area True Link
Soviet Yury Ozerov asked William Jones to intervene. True Link
FIBA Secretary General had no authority to intervene True Link
Charged time-out was given to Soviets Not True Link
Soviets illegally replaced Zharmuhamedov with Edeshko True Link
Soviet second attempt was started prematurely while clock was not set up yet True Link
Edeshko stepped on the baseline while making his pass Not True Link
Alexander Belov violated 3-seconds rule Not True Link
Alexander Belov committed a traveling violation True Link
Alexander Belov fouled on two American players Not True Link