Game events:

Last 3 seconds:

Courtesy of The Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland

IOC Historical Archives / International Federations - Basketball - Correspondence - 1961-1975

Scan: Argumentation and supplementary remarks

Additional comments from FIBA

Argumentation and supplementary remarks added to the Communique of the FIBA concerning the basketball final URS - USA

Description of the situation:

1. During the execution of the last free throw by the American team and during the last three seconds following it before the end of the playing time there arose disturbing effects and misunderstandings which influenced the normal flow of play:

a) The table signal sounded for time out during the execution of the last free throw which was successful.

b) The umpire then started the game; shortly afterwards the referee signalled to stop the game. Upon this action the game watch was stopped one second before the end of the playing time.

c) Then, upon the order of the referee and of the FIBA technical delegate, the table announced that there were three seconds to be played.

d) The play was, however, resumed without having readjusted the game watch to three seconds to play; consequently, the end signal sounded not after three but after one second.

2. After having reset the game watch correctly, during which time the last three seconds were played, the Soviet team scored a valid goal.