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IOC Historical Archives / International Federations - Basketball - Correspondence - 1961-1975

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Statement of Longines' Technician


Translation from French

regarding the last olympic basketball match USA/URSS on 9/l0/1972.

I, the undersigned, Andre Chopard, born on 5/4/1938, domiciled in St-Imier, engineer in the service of the Longines time-keeping department and technician responsible for the operation of the basketball installation at the games of the XX Olympiad in Munich, 1972, make the following statement:

At the end of the USA/URSS match, decisive for the first place in the olympic tournament, Mr. Bigot, the technical representative of the FIBA for this match, asked me, at the request of Mr. Jones, to set back the clock three seconds, although the clock indicated only one second.

In view of the fact fhat Longines does its work in the service of the organization and of the FIBA, I complied with this order in good faith, since it was given to me by the FIBA representative, with the support of Mr. Jones.

I would like to add that it is l2 years that I have been timekeeping for Longines and never once in my career as timekeeper keeping for Longines and never once in my career as timekeeper at basketball, did anyone ever ask me to extend the time.

Saint-Imier, September 17th, l972.


Andre Chopard

Approved by the Director, Sports Timekeeping Deparment, Maison Longines in St-Imier:


Joseph S. Blatter

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