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Jury Of Appeal

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At the end of the last game URSS/USA, the U. S. team management filed a protest on technical grounds, against the goal score of the game; this was specified conspicuously on the game form under the remark: "Protest".

In accordance to paragraph 3.7 of the Technical Bulletin for Basketball, it is the FIBA Technical Commission, which, in first instance, is competent to deal with technical protests, the Jury of Appeal being competent in second and final instance.

In view of the fact that the Olympic Games were about to end and because of the gravity of the matter, it was established through the FIBA that after mutual consultation between the two committees (Technical Commission and Jury of Appeal), the Jury of Appeal would announce the definitive decision.

In the early hours of 9/10/1972 the Jury of Appeal clarified the facts by hearing both the impires of the game and the competent parties responsible at the score table. In addition, the Jury of Appeal studied very carefully the televised versions of the last two minutes of the match, this being the version made by the German television (DOZ) and the American television network ABC.

After an extensive consultation the Jury of Appeal, composed of:

Dr. F. Hepp, Chairman

C. Coccia, Member

R. Lopez, Member

A. Keiser, Member

A. Baglajewski, Member

pronounced the following decision at noon (12:00), after a secret ballot:

The Jury of Appeal confirms the final result on the score sheet which is 51 : 50 for the USSR Team.