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Each team shall consist of five players, one of whom shall be captain.

Each team shall be allowed seven substitutes. Substitutes arriving late but already inscribed on the score sheet may take part in the game.

Each player shall be numbered on the front and back of his shirt with plain numbers of solid colour contrasting with the colour of the shirt, and made of material not less than 2 сm. wide. The numbers on the back shall be at least 20 сm. high and those in the front at least 10 сm. high. Team shall use numbers from 4 to 15.

Players on the same team shall not wear duplicate numbers.

13.Player Leaving Court

a Player may not leave the playing court without permission of an Official until time out called a the end of the half except as authorized by the Rules.

14.Captain - Duties and Powers

The Captain shall be the representative of his team and shall control its play (see also art.87). The captain may address an Official on matters of interpretation or to obtain essential information when necessary if it is done in a courteous manner. No other player may address an Official except as provided in article 46.

Before leaving the playing court for any valid reason, the captain shall inform the Referee regarding the player who will replace him during his absence.


The Coach of a team should wear sport clothes that will make him easily recognizable as a member of that team. Before the game is scheduled to begin the Coach shall furnish the Scorer with names and numbers of players who are to play in the game, and with the name and the number of the captain of the team. If a player changes his number during the game he shall report the change to the Scorer and Referee. Substitutions shall be made by the Coach.

The team captain may act as Coach. If he must leave the playing court for any valid reason, be may continue to act as Coach. However, if be must leave following a disqualifying foul, or if he is unable to act as Coach because of severe injury, his substitute as captain shall also replace him as Coach.