Game events:

Last 3 seconds:

Just for the sake of completeness, I will show you videos that prove that the USA team made no substitutions after Collins' free throws, and that the USSR team made one.

So, the first video is, again, the last-minute events leading up to Sakandelidze's foul on Collins.

You can find the following players:
Collins (number 5), Henderson (6), Forbes (10), McMillen(13), Joyce(14) - USA team;
Paulauskas(5), Sakandelidze(6), Zharmuhamedov(7), S.Belov(10), A.Belov(14) – USSR team.

Here's the video of the Soviets' second attempt:

And the video of the last one:

You can find everyone from the list above, except for Zharmuhamedov (7) - the tallest player in the Soviet team - who was replaced by Edeshko (9), who, in turn, was a ball thrower from behind the line in both cases.